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An ethical source that provides access to the inventors of the products we support so that our customers can ask questions directly to the people who know how the products work.

We only support the best products on the market. So, we have no contractual obligation to promote any specific product. 


This allows us to recommend products we have tested, seen work, know the quality of the ingredients, and have worked directly with the inventors, scientists, manufacturers, and doctors to ensure everything is what it says it is.

As better products are developed we always reserve the right to recommend them over what we are currently offering or may have offered in the past.

Established on Research


We support Certified Products because of the advanced network of physicians, holistic practitioners, trainers, nutritionists, scientists, and pioneers utilized to examine the quality of the manufacturing, bio-availability, and efficacy of the products that receive this distinction. 


We are constantly exploring new options that have been hidden away from humanity.



We do all we can to provide qualified clinical research and direct people to the appropriate treatment based on their specific needs.


The practitioners and inventors associated with us agree to abide by the ethical business practices

defined in the Core Agreements below. 


We encourage the growth of the practice of true health wellness and advocate for these principles.


  1. We agree to conduct all of our business in the best interests of humanity, the planet, and the individual human experience.

  2. We agree to pay our employees a wage comparable to the top paid individuals  in their field.

  3. We agree to conduct a formal needs assessment to identify the unique culture and needs of the residents and active contributors in the designated area of any practice.

  4. We agree to work collaboratively within the laws dictated by the Government in the area in which they are working, other project owners, and with respect to local tribal laws.

  5. We agree to create and utilize original and appropriate metrics, other than profits, to measure the success of their business or project that is based on the positive impact they have on the mission of the practice and the specific needs of the people.

  6. We agree to utilize the best materials, methods, and technology available, to execute the work needed to help create a thriving practice.

  7. We agree to consciously act considerate of Natural Laws, utilizing ethical business practices at all times.

  8. We agree to a reasonable level of transparency of project spending without revealing details that would endanger any individual.

  9. We are expected to act as Ambassadors of the Earth. Realizing this organization is dedicated to supporting the liberation, unification, and development of humanity. 

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