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Immediate Jab Protocol

What would we do if we "HAD" to get the Jab?


  1. BEFORE - Start taking Nano Soma liquid spray for a week before you get the shot. 5 sprays in your mouth, 4 times a day. Continue that for the week of getting the shot as well.

  2. IMMEDIATELY AFTER - Take a drop or two of high-quality Oregano Oil and rub it on the injection site right after the jab. Leave it on for a few minutes.

  3. Then place a High-Grade Magnet over it with a Band-Aid over it and leave it on until you go to sleep that day.

  4. Then place a Urine-Soaked Cotton Ball (your own urine) and leave it on for 24 hours (tape it on). Click here for info on Urinetherapy.

  5. ANYTIME AFTER - start a Heavy Metal Detox. See two options below.


​Download PDF of this here

Jab Protocol Products
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Dr. Group’s
Advanced Recovery, Detoxification and Wellness Program

 Offered by Global Healing in conjunction with Online Healing Center

"What We Would Do" to Detoxify from the Jab, Shedding, Long Haulers, and the new Covid.

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The Four Detoxes
The Four Detoxes Products
6-Day Colon Cleanse
6-Day Liver Cleanse
30-Day Heavy Metal & Chemical Detox
6-Week Harmful Organism Cleanse
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