Doctors of all types and various other healers who want to be trained in specific fields of wellness, currently highlighting the quantum biofeedback device

Candidates who want to be part of the biggest shift in human history by contributing their ideas, energy, and experience while they develop their own projects  working with you.


     GOODS & SERVICES        


Bringing forward medical devices, treatments, and hidden secrets about health and wellness.

Service providers

selected for their

unique products,

ethical business

practice, and high

quality of service


face challenges everyday. From Contractors to Doctors, business owners have a unique set of skills that enables them to make a living doing something they care about.


Unfortunately, most business owners spend a majority of their time pursuing the next client, project, or big payout. And once they find their client, or potential deal, they often have to compromise the value of their services to secure the deal.


This process takes away from the aspects of the business the owner is actually passionate about, and can ultimately create a stressful working environment.

In addition, the skill level, attention to detail, and quality of the service or product provided can suffer due to these circumstances.  


Enables business owners to evaluate 

actively funded projects to see if their 

services are the right fit.


Only ethical companies are allowed into 

the Network so the competition is minimal.

This allows the Business owner to focus

on the quality of their service versus 

making unnecessary reductions in costs to try and win the job.

Building Homes

self aware and realize that they don't have all of the answers. They're usually very open to various roles and responsibilities because they are naturally curious about how things work.

Contributors are a project owner's best friend and asset. They are essentially Project Originators in training. When your time and effort is dedicated to helping others it's almost impossible not to be inspired by a moment when you realize that something you've done has actually had an impact on another person. These moments generate whole new realities for Contributors who use that fuel their imaginations creating brand new ways of doing things and remembering places they've been that can use their help.

LIFE FORCE is filled with contributors who assist managing the LIFE FORCE NETWORK. In many cases they have become a jack of all trades, sensitive developers of human empowerment. We are including Contributors to potentially be employed by Project and Business Owners from all walks of life offering their energy, ability, and experience to play their part in changing the world. 

Creatives Discussing Projects

are individuals who are innately humanitarian given to help others naturally, but may not have narrowed down their focus  enough to have developed their own project yet. In some cases, they know exactly what they want do, but they don't know how to do it yet. 

These individuals are just as valuable as our Business owners and project originators or several reasons. Firstly, they have a fresh perspective and are willing to do what ever is needed to get the job done. They're generally

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